Training and Pre-Departure Orientation

Training And Pre-Departure Orientation

Training and other capacity development sessions play an integral role to place a candidate comprehensively.

  • We offer trainings to individual applicants to be professionally competent in their respective professions.
  • Candidate significantly improve their workforce quality.
  • Training are conducted to meet the job specification and requirements.
  • VMS provides job orientation to the individuals before leaving for their placements.

Orientation includes important information such as:

  1. Job Profile
  2. Remuneration and benefits
  3. Dress code
  4. Rules and regulations of the workplace/work ethics/work environment
  5. Local law and regulations
  6. Importance of Local and Multi culture etc. among many others.


  • VMS grooms their candidate to adopt different safety legislation in confined spaces and etiquette at workplace.
  • VMS prepares the candidates about  Foreign and National Employment Policies and Health Security and Safety.